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yis is much more than just clothing - it's a lifestyle. 


Let Your Soul Shine Through: 5 Heart Openers to Release Your Inner Goddess

Justine Schofield

All yogis can benefit from a great heart-opening pose. This category of asana is extremely helpful in decreasing back pain, especially for anyone hunched over at a desk throughout the day. However, my favorite part of heart openers is the amazing energy that exudes while holding a graceful pose like Dancer. These postures fight off negativity and help release unwanted tension our body tends to store in the chest.

yis is all about letting the soul shine, being a free spirit, and embracing individuality. Couple that with positivity, and you’ll have a radiance that translates both on and off your mat. Allow these postures to open your heart physically, but also to new possibilities and connections with others. Here are my top 5 heart-openers that I incorporate into my practice. 

1. Cobra - Perfect for the beginning of your practice.

2. Wild Thing – Totally a pose for strong goddesses, flip that down dog and push your heart to the sky.

3. Camel Pose – Amazing for releasing negative energy and emotions.

4. Wheel or Bridge – Back bends are great because they reverse the effects of hunching over a computer and open the heart!

5. Dancer or Tree – Both standing heart openers, they test your balance while rooting down into the mat for stability as your heart reaches forward and open.  

Enjoy letting your soul shine and your goddess live freely! Namaste!

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Hi I’m Kate! I eat a lot of green stuff and do a lot of yoga. I also blog with the intention to inspire others to feel amazing in their skin, love themselves, feel proud of what they have gone through and celebrate it. I believe this can be achieved both on the yoga mat and in the kitchen. I love creating healthy delicious foods to share with the world. Check out my blog!