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Taking a Leap of Faith

Justine Schofield

leap of faith.jpg

Believing in something whose outcome cannot be proved? That sounds like most decisions in life, right?

We make choices based on many factors: the possibility of a positive outcome and the immediate effect it will have on our overall wellbeing are two big ones. But no matter how confident we are about the outcome of our choices there is never a guarantee things will happen according to plan.

There is always an element of unknown woven into every move we make. And the unknown is flipping scary. As humans we crave stability, security, and comfort—it’s our internal defenses looking out for us.  

Yes, the unknown is terrifying at times and can potentially disrupt the status quo in our lives. But what comes with the known?


Stick with the known and you will never have an awe-inspiring holy shit I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner moment. You will never feel immense pride or fulfillment in your capabilities. You will never be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Let’s face it: if you play the odds and “keep it safe” in your decisions you will never be challenged or forced outside of your comfort zone. You will perpetually be in a stagnant, mundane state of semi-living.

All decisions you make in life—big and small—require a certain degree of trust that everything will work out. In the most cliché sense, every decision is a leap of faith.

What’s the best way to leap into the unknown? Get a running start.

When faced with any big decision, remember this: life is mostly comprised of many small, digestible choices that eventually accumulate into the larger whole of our being.

Even when we make a big choice, like relocating or changing careers, what happens next? We backtrack and make all the necessary smaller choices that will lead us to accomplish our big picture goal.

Starting your own business sounds overwhelming and scary. But buying the website domain? Slightly less scary. Taking product photos? Wait, that actually sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

There are many steps that lead to our big changes in life. If you’re able to focus on each step individually you will gradually rework the pieces of the puzzle into something unexpected and beautiful—a new landscape in your life you couldn’t have even imagined.